How To Afford Breast Enlargement

With breast enlargements costing between £4,000 to £10,000 depending on the size and breast implant type you are looking for, many people that are keen to undergo breast enlargement surgery never do since they simply cannot afford it. To support you in deciding how to afford your breast enlargement treatment, here are three ways to afford the surgery:

1. Check Eligibility Under NHS Criteria

Firstly, those seeking breast enlargement in the UK might find that they are eligible for a financed breast implant if they meet very specific criteria. These include that they have severely underdeveloped or asymmetrical breasts or where they require reconstructive surgery, most often due to a mastectomy or breast removal as a result of breast cancer. They would also need to prove that as a result of their breasts, they are suffering severe psychological distress.

Put simply, it is not enough to be unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of your breasts, a GP needs to refer you to both a psychiatrist and evaluate your eligibility before you can even be considered and added to a waiting list which is often years long. For this reason, you should not attempt to receive funding under the NHS unless you are fully-eligible to do so.

2. Arrange A Payment Plan

A major misconception about breast enlargement is that you have to pay the full amount outright. However, this is not true since you can get some breast enlargement surgery on finance, meaning that you can spread the cost of the procedure over a set period of time. For some clinics this can be up to 60 months to repay the cost of your enlargement, thus making the surgery all the more affordable.

However, it is worth noting that this may not be possible if you have a negative credit history or are not predicted to have sufficient means to pay back the money across these plans. In this event, you will likely have to source the money elsewhere. In some cases, people ask family members or other financial lenders to loan them money, but we recommend avoiding this insofar as possible since loans can be complicated and leave you in debt if they go unpaid or have bad interest rates.

3. Make A Savings Goal

Alternatively, you could wait and save until you can fully afford a breast enlargement. Whilst it is a hefty sum to save, many people that chose to have a breast enlargement know that they want one from early on and start saving early enough to save enough money by the time they are of good age. It can be difficult to save money for breast enlargement though and it takes a lot of discipline to save money in general. To resolve this, there are a few ways to make your saving habits more effective:

  1. Set up a separate savings account that you do not have access to until required.
  2. Establish an achievable monthly or weekly goal when it comes to saving money since this keeps you accountable.
  3. Discuss the option to pay early for breast enlargement. For example, you might enquire with a clinic about saving money on credit to use for your breast enlargement in the future.
  4. Remind yourself why you are saving and use this to motivate you regularly.
  5. Make conscious efforts to minimise spending on unnecessary things.
  6. Regularly track how much you have saved to give you a good idea about how close you are to your savings goal.

Now that you know about your financing options, find out how to find a breast implants surgeon.