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Page K, McKinney A. (Eds).  2012. Nursing the Acutely ill Adult.
McGraw Hill – Open University Press ISBN – 13: 978- 033524309-9
Available in paperback
Paperback  price:  £19.99.
Kindle version price: £15.83

This book is one of the Case Book Series. It is written in a case-based style to encourage all involved in the care of the acutely ill patient to use a structured approach when they care for patients with a variety of acute conditions. It covers 17 ‘acute cases’ such as acute coronary syndrome, acute kidney injury, acute abdomen, shock, exacerbation of asthma.

The format of each case study is similar; there is a case outline, then a number of questions with answers provided. The systematic assessment tool that is used is the ABCDE assessment format, which should be familiar to all nurses working in acute hospitals. Patho-physiology is well explained in regards to each of the acute cases, as is pharmacology and the nursing care requirements for these patients.

The the book is easy to read and the structure is logical. The reader can easily navigate the individual cases.

This book could be useful in both medical and surgical environments. It would be very beneficial for those revising for exams and could be available in all university and hospital libraries. This book would be suitable for undergraduate health care professionals, as well as those with experience. The book could be of benefit not only to nurses but also other health care professionals involved in acute care.


Catherine Plowright
Professional Advisor BACCN National Board
Consultant Nurse Critical Care Medway NHS Foundation Trust

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