BACCN West Midlands Region Study Evening  11th October 2011

“The Patient Experience – Diaries and Forums”

I’m sure that all of those that were able to attend the above event would agree it was  an informative and enlightening evening  that evolved into an emotional journey for all to reflect upon after the evening had concluded!

Guest speakers Bev Mytenka and Anne-Marie Heath opened the evening with how they have successfully introduced Patient Diaries into their clinical area, and how well received the Patient Forums are, with attendance increasing with great momentum and a patient led demand for more!
The planning and evaluation process of providing such a new concept/service was evident in their discussion and provided us with food for thought to take back to our own clinical areas.

The second part of the evening saw Kay Fellows, a young mother who had been a patient in critical care 2009, talk us through her “Patient Experience”.

The Patient Experience

Supported by her best friend, Kay took us through every memory of her admission; - the care she received, relationships with staff, her perceptions of her surroundings and equipment, and the how the psychological demands of her critical care stay changed her feelings and thoughts long after her she was transferred from the critical care environment.

Having heard Bev and Anne-Marie’s evidence for the need of patient support after critical care, Kay re-iterated this by saying how much she would have benefitted from such a service, and was keen to be involved in any way she could to help both herself and other patients in the future.

I think all of us there took away something from the evening to reflect upon, particularly how we approach and interact with those in our care. The things we do with and to our patients, and more importantly the things we don’t! The assumptions and judgements we make, albeit subconsciously and how this can affect our relationships with those in our care and their families.

Our Critical Care Unit now has Patient Diaries in use, and a Follow-up Clinic is in its infancy, also gaining momentum!

And yes! Kay has played an integral role in the new Patient Forum, which aims to have its initial meeting within the next few months.

Donna Jenkins (Sister)
New Cross Hospital

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