West Midlands Region Study Evening

enjoying the curryThe West Midlands region held a study evening on the 30th of March. Called assessing and ressussing or study and spice as a curry was provided.  It was a very well attended evening by a wide range of experienced nurses. The speaker was Roz Anslow a respected critical care outreach lead at Russells Hall hospital in Dudley.

2 people kindly wrote feedback for the event.

Katie Garrett is a senior staff nurse in critical care.

“As a critical care nurse I am constantly assessing my patients throughout my shifts but ‘Study and Spice’ was a refreshing recap on how to systematically assess a hospitalised individual. Sister Anslow delivered her everyone smilepresentation in a funny and enthusiastic manner. Her overall level of delivery was excellent especially when considering that her audience was varied from student nurse to intensive care sister and all of us in between. Her structured look at the ABCDE assessment of a patient refreshed our memory of the simple things often forgotten when using the tool daily but also highlighted the importance of areas missed as they are considered unnecessary by some nursing staff. The students were introduced to a more acceptable and precise way of information delivery to members of the multi-disciplinary team with the inclusion of the S.B.A.R form. Sister Anslow completed the session with a useful update of the changes made to the resuscitation guidelines of 2010. I found this session fabulous as a refresher and will certainly be looking out for further BACCN study evenings in the area and indeed by Sister Anslow. “

Elizabeth Wood is a third year student nurse on her critical care placement.

“When we arrived everyone was friendly and we were made to feel very welcome. The speaker, Roz Anslow, was aware that we amongst others were students and advised we could ask questions at any time if we did not  Roz Anslow our speaker understand. Her talk was very informative, relevant and suited the level we were at. She was very knowledgeable and explained everything in great detail, using case study’s to apply theory to practice.
The evening has increased my knowledge of assessing patients and increased my awareness of the importance to assess patients using the look listen feel approach and Alert regime (A, B, C, D, E approach). This knowledge will not only be valuable for me to complete my placement on ITU and for my exam, but also for my future placements and career. I thoroughly enjoyed the study evening and thought we gained a lot from it “


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